Rock City Mt diablo

1600-1672 Club House Road
Diablo,California 94528
United States
  Yes No Unknown
Creek - - -
Swamp - - -
Puddles - - -
Dirt X - -
Mud - - -
Rock X - -
Slick Rock X - -
Sand X - -
Beginner X - -
Intermediate X - -
Advance X - -
Insane X - -
Public Parking X - -
Permit/Fee X - -
LHS Close - - -

Time Required: 

  N/A 5-30 Min 30-60 min 60-90 Min 90-120 Min 120+ Min
Park to crawl distance X - - - - -
Trail time on clear day X - - - - -
Trail time on wet day X - - - - -
Trail time on snow day X - - - - -

Info: ASD Crawlers invite you to join us for our inaugural Autism Awareness Crawl (AAC) Our goal is to have a great day out with our rigs for an amazing cause. We as a whole are a group of amazing folks that have been or know of somone impacted by Autism.

Adult driver fee is $10.00. Children Drivers under the age of 18 will be $5.00. Children under the age of 10 are free. We will be selling $1.00 raffle tickets.
Pre-Registration qualifies for two raffle tickets, Registration at the event qualifies for one raffle ticket.

It will be a free-run 150 gate bragging rights event. Show and shine for people's choice rig.

Mt. Diablo's Rock city is a beautiful location with awesome rock formations and amazing lines to follow. It is for us locals a great back yard location. With that said we want to ensure it stays at our disposal. We urge everyone to please bring a trash bag with them to help us keep the trails clean. We want to keep the great relationship going with the local rangers and ask you all to please show respect to the land and its habitats.

All proceeds will be donated to a children's special needs charity.

Please stay tuned as we will be updating this event as info is coming in. Anyone inquiring on donations for the raffle please contact ASD admins Oscar Ramirez and or Brandon Tomy via PM.

Special thanks to our sponsors/affiliates
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Thank you,
ASD Crawlers